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Fractional C-Level Assistance to Facilitate Growth
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Successful senior executive who consistently achieves increased profitability through developing and implementing innovative business strategies.





What you need to know about Ola Ore Business Consulting

What experience does the consultancy have?

Ola Ore Business Consulting has multi-disciplinary experience including accounting and finance, operations management, management consulting and project management.

What is the consultancy's area of expertise?

Ola Ore Business Consulting is uniquely positioned to understand the impact and execution of organizational strategy on profitability, cash flows and growth.

Can you describe the consultancy?

Ola Ore Business Consulting is a boutique practice, providing bespoke service to a dedicated client base.

About Ola Ore

Business Consulting

At Ola Ore Business Consulting, we understand that each engagement is unique. We work with clients in a scope definition phase to develop an understanding of the issues that need to be resolved. Our clients define a scope of engagement based on identified issues and prioritization. This is not your typical consultant. The engagement is as hands-on as required by the client.



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